5 Opportunities to Leverage eMail Marketing to Stimulate Buying Behavior

Synergy develops and manages lead nurturing and lead cultivation email marketing programs that encourage buying behavior among customers and prospects alike. Whether your sales goals include new sales, upselling or cross selling, email marketing is an effective way to stay in front of target buyers (new and old) throughout the sales cycle.

Top 5 Reasons eMail Marketing Generates Such Great Results

eMail marketing is an extremely effective way to generate new revenue. It is one of the few remaining marketing channels that directly reaches target buyers at a time and place where they can and are most likely to make a purchasing decision AND take action – either at their desktop computer or on their iPhone. It is a great way to cultivate a database of past, present and prospective customers – turning contacts into active assets.

Synergy strategically designs email marketing programs that:

  1. Deliver compelling offers that prompt IMMEDIATE RESPONSE
  2. Encourage existing customers to BUY MORE
  3. Ask partners and customers to REFER NEW BUYERS
  4. Suggest past customers BUY AGAIN
  5. Incentivize prospects to BUY NOW

Successful eMail Marketing Programs Requires More Than eMail Marketing Software

A successful lead nurture and lead cultivation marketing campaign requires much more than email marketing software (that’s just the delivery vehicle). Synergy develops and manages email marketing campaigns from start to finish – this includes strategy, creative and performance analysis – we’ll even help you select the right email marketing software for your needs (we’ve used nearly all of them over the last 10 years). Our email marketing services include:

  • Sales offer strategy that meets your revenue goals
  • Creative design that reflects your brand image
  • Custom calls-to-action that prompt buying behavior
  • Lead conversion mechanisms to capture prospect interest
  • Campaign performance analysis to measure results

Add eMail Marketing to Your Lead Generation Program

Our approach to email marketing is highly results oriented. We can help you transform your existing database of past, present and prospective customers into new revenue.  Add email marketing to your lead generation program to continuously cultivate buyers throughout the sales cycle, freeing up your sales team to pursue new prospects with immediate commercial intent.

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