5 Advantages of Incorporating Data Analytics into Marketing Programs

Synergy uses data analytics to help our clients establish benchmarks, develop quantifiable KPIs to define success, monitor competitors, track campaigns + measure long term marketing ROI.  We produce a detailed dashboard that documents marketing activity, marketplace response + campaign performance.  Whether your marketing goals include expanding awareness, managing your reputation, improving lead generation, protecting marketshare or just being more accountable, we can help. Talk to us about  incorporating data analytics into your marketing programs.

Leverage Data Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Programs

Our philosophy is: if you can’t measure it, don’t do it. We use data analytics to improve the performance of our clients’ marketing programs and increase the return on their marketing investments. We help them track all of their marketing activities, both online and offline. This includes digital marketing, traditional advertising, PR, direct mail and tradeshows. Knowledge is power so we offer our clients the tools, processes and expertise to monitor, analyze and quickly respond to the market intelligence we collect.

Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Data Analytics into Your Marketing Programs

  1. Quantify the impact of individual marketing campaigns
  2. Improve ROI and marketing investment accountability with detailed reports
  3. Track competitive activity to stay relevant to buyers
  4. Monitor industry trends to identify and take advantage of emerging market demand
  5. Leverage quantifiable marketing data in strategic planning, budgeting and decision making

Data Analytics is the Difference Between Good + Great Marketing

Successful marketing require more than smart strategy, clever creative and methodical execution. It also requires a system to quantify, track and measure success. We offer comprehensive data analytics to ensure your marketing performs. Our marketing data analytics services include:

  • Establish and document current marketing benchmarks
  • Quantify KPIs (key performance indicators) that will define marketing success
  • Put systems in place to measure marketing campaigns (both online and offline)
  • Monitor competitors’ activities
  • Track industry and marketplace trends
  • Measure marketing performance and return on marketing investments

Add Data Analytics to Your Marketing Programs

Our approach to data analytics is simple – we measure everything! We can help you quantify the impact of your marketing campaigns, improve the ROI of your marketing budget, increase accountability within your organization and leverage competitive and market intelligence to make better marketing decisions.

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