7 Tips for Generating Revenue from Email Marketing

Branded Campaign MicrositesIf you think “e-newsletter” when you hear “email marketing,” think again. Your email marketing program can (and should) be a high performance sales catalyst. It’s an effective promotional vehicle for driving repeat sales from active buyers, encouraging new sales from dormant customers and motivating buying behavior from qualified prospects in your sales pipeline. Synergy Marketing Group has over 10 years of experience developing and managing email marketing programs that generate results. If you’re serious about transforming your email marketing program from subscriptions to sales, contact us today!

Transform Your eMail Marketing Program from Subscriptions to Sales

eMail marketing is perhaps one of the most powerful (and oftentimes underutilized) marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes. It allows companies to generate targeted new revenue by quickly, easily and affordably delivering specific sales promotions directly to qualified buyers’ in-boxes. It is one of the few marketing campaign tools that offers complete control, total visibility and instant performance data. eMail marketing is urgent by nature and inherently “response driven” by adding simple calls-to-action (such as “Buy Now”, “Order Today” or “Schedule a Call”). Synergy Marketing Group creates email marketing programs that help our clients generate new sales, prompt repeat purchases and move qualified prospects through the sales pipeline. We provide the market research, promotional strategy and creative talent to develop and manage email marketing programs that consistently perform.

Seven tips for generating revenue from email marketing:

  1. Boost sales by promoting new products and services to qualified buyers
  2. Encourage repeat purchases with frequent customized email promotions based on past buying behavior
  3. Stimulate sales in sagging product/service lines with sales incentives
  4. Trigger purchases of surplus inventory and excess production capacity with discounts
  5. Prompt immediate sales with time sensitive and limited time offers
  6. Nurture leads through long sales cycles and motivate buying behavior among qualified prospects with frequent promotions
  7. Improve campaign success by monitoring buyer interest with sophisticated analytics tools

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