5 Bottom Line Benefits of Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogs are a valuable platform for maximizing sales, marketing, PR and HR investments. They allow businesses to publish content and reach a global audience faster and more cost effectively than any other traditional communication tool.  Synergy Marketing Group has over 10 years of experience producing and distributing corporate content for our clients. We transform corporate blogs into strategic, credible and professional hubs for important communications. Our clients use these corporate blogs to support lead generation programs, advertising campaigns, recruitment efforts, internal communications, social media plans, customer service initiatives and event promotions. If you’re serious about transforming your corporate blog into a high performing platform, contact us today!

Transform Your Corporate Blog into a Credible Communication Vehicle

Corporate blogs are an effective way to quickly reach and connect with buyers, partners, investors, suppliers, employees, job applicants and the public. They offer businesses a fast, affordable way to publish important information about corporate news, events, jobs, products and services. Synergy Marketing Group works with our clients to write, optimize, publish and promote blog posts. This includes sales promotions, vendor RFPs, press releases, white papers, case studies, public service announcements and job listings. We provide the market research, content strategy and creative talent to develop and manage corporate blogs that perform today and continue to evolve in response to market dynamics.

Five ways to maximize the value of corporate blogging:

  1. Boost sales with blog posts promoting new products, services and special promotions
  2. Capture online market demand by improving search engine rankings with frequent SEO blog posts
  3. Increase tradeshow booth traffic by publishing an event calendar on the blog
  4. Reduce HR and recruiter costs with blog posts about open job listings
  5. Reduce content production and distribution costs by publishing white papers, articles, case studies, videos and company news on the blog

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