Strategy + Planning

Synergy Marketing Group, Inc. is one of the B2B industry’s most capable strategic marketing firms. Since 2002, we have provided our clients with strategic marketing counsel based on well-researched data and extensive experience that enables them to make informed decisions and smart investments in their business.

We’re One of the Most Insightful Strategic Marketing Firms

Why Partner with a Strategic Marketing Firm?

The more you know about your current buyers, competitors and industry, the more targeted your marketing efforts and investments will be. For a true 360-degree analysis of where your company stands in the market and its future potential, we offer comprehensive strategic market research and marketing planning. We specialize in competitive assessments, industry analyses, customer satisfaction surveys, buyer and prospect profiling, employee interviews, market segmentation, opportunity analyses, brand audits, focus groups, user groups and more.

Market Research + Data Analysis

We conduct comprehensive market studies that produce the quantifiable data and detailed recommendations our clients need to make confident marketing decisions and investments. Our market intelligence reports include the findings of this invaluable research:

  • Brand Audits + Assessments
  • Competitive Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Focus Groups + User Groups
  • Buyer + Prospect Profiling

Marketing Planning + Performance Analysis

Synergy has extensive experience developing well-researched marketing plans for organizations across a wide array of B2B industries. In addition to marketing plan development, we also implement, monitor and measure the impact of ongoing marketing campaigns to offer our clients the highest level of accountability and return on investment. We produce marketing performance dashboard to deliver quantifiable data analytics to our client each month.

  • Advertising Plans
  • Media Relations Plans
  • Social Media Plans
  • e-Marketing Plans
  • Direct Marketing Plans
  • Tradeshow Plans

If you want quantifiable information about your company’s competitive position in the market and its market potential, please contact us. The metrics and recommendations we produce will be invaluable assets as your organization develops budgets, timelines and go-to-market strategies. We have extensive experience as one of the top strategic marketing research firms in a multitude of B2B sectors.

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