INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

SECTOR: Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing

MARKET: Machine Tool Shops




-Industry Awareness
-Global Expansion
-Market Diversification
-Product Launches
-Revenue Generation

Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing Partners with Synergy Marketing to Boost Sales

Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing partnered with Synergy Marketing Group to significantly increase the volume and improve the quality of sales leads. The company also wanted to develop a sustainable lead generation program to consistently capture market demand.

Since the company was founded in 1955, Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing has become the worldwide standard in high performing industrial equipment.

Synergy Marketing Puts Lead Generation Program in Place to Help Industrial Company Capture Market Demand

Summit has invested over 50 years in building its global brand. Today, the company offers dozens of different products, maintains a million dollar inventory of parts, supports a national network of distributors and serves customers worldwide. Ask any major manufacturer, and they’ll agree that the name “Summit” is synonymous with quality, precision, performance and excellence. Summit’s leadership wanted its marketing initiatives to produce the same impressive ROI that the company delivers to its customers every day. To achieve this goal, Summit partnered with Synergy, an industrial marketing company focused on results.

The Industrial Marketing Company’s Approach

Synergy helped Summit increase returns on its marketing investments by switching from brand marketing, that can’t be easily measured, to quantifiable lead generation marketing. The industrial marketing company’s approach makes every marketing dollar count by converting mass media efforts into highly targeted demand creation and demand capture marketing campaigns. Synergy incorporates many external factors into its marketing strategy, including competitive pressures, distribution channels, sales cycles and buyer behaviors.

A Metrics Based Approach to Industrial Marketing

Synergy benchmarks, tracks and analyzes its lead generation marketing programs – and produces an easy-to-use dashboard to offer Summit a holistic view of its marketing investments. The industrial marketing company’s metrics-based approach to marketing scoring and ROI tracking allows Summit to test, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of every marketing campaign. Synergy is responsible for Summit’s digital marketing, website, e-mail marketing, social media, advertising, SEO, blogging, trade show promotions, direct mail and lead generating contests.

From the start of the relationship, Synergy has become an important member of Summit’s team that actively contributes to its sales and marketing initiatives. The agency has helped Summit increase in-bound sales leads, grow its prospect database, cultivate potential buyers throughout a long sales cycle and reduce reliance on paid advertising.

Synergy has produce marketing successes for industrial companies since 2002. Schedule a consultation with one of our industrial marketing experts today. Let us help you maximize your marketing investments.

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