INDUSTRY: Life Science

SECTOR: Pharmaceutical Storage + Logistics

-Pharmaceutical Developers
-Biotechnology Developers
-Government Laboratories
-Research Laboratories
-Diagnostic Laboratories

HEADQUARTERS: Indianapolis


LIFECYCLE: Expansion

-Market Awareness
-Industry Credibility
-National Expansion
-Market Diversification
-Revenue Generation

Sentry Logistics Partners with Synergy Marketing to Establish Credibility + Awareness

Sentry selects Synergy Marketing Group to provide full service marketing, advertising and PR to develop a global brand image, expand industry awareness, improve credibility and generate sales leads from pharmaceutical companies.

Sentry is commercial warehouse and logistics provider for pharmaceutical products and supplies.

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The Agency’s Approach to Pharmaceutical Marketing

Synergy partnered with Sentry to serve as its outsourced marketing department. In this capacity, Synergy was responsible for developing and managing the company’s brand identity and developing and implementing its comprehensive annual marketing, advertising and public relations programs. Synergy worked closely with the company’s leadership team to conduct market research, competitive monitoring and strategic planning to prioritize target audience groups, profile buyers, evolve the brand position, segment services, highlight competitive differentiators and support the sales and customer service teams.  The agency’s lead generation and marketing program included:

  • Brand design + brand management
  • Web design + website management
  • Sales + marketing material design
  • Trade show booth design
  • Branded promotional gear
  • Branded educational documentation
  • Trade show + conference promotions
  • Sales support + sales presentations
  • PR/media relations
  • Investor relations
  • Print advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • eMail marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Digital marketing

Synergy’s marketing efforts resulted in a high value brand, industry-wide awareness, market demand for services and a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

If you need help marketing your pharmaceutical company, products or services, please contact us. We have extensive experience in the industry.

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