Onsite Health Diagnostics Selects Synergy to Re-Design Its Brand + Marketing to Appeal to National Buyers

Onsite Health Diagnostics selected Synergy Marketing Group to revitalize its 15-year-old corporate image, update its value proposition to resonate with target buyers and develop a marketing program to reach the national marketplace. The result of the partnership is the creation of a new, more competitive brand identity and the launch of a marketing infrastructure designed to generate and convert qualified sales leads from across the country.

Onsite offers employee health diagnostic testing services, online bioinformatics software solutions and medical data analytics tools to Fortune 1000 employers,  corporate wellness companies, national HR & employee benefits consultants and group health insurance providers.

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The Healthcare Marketing Company’s Approach

Onsite retained Synergy to conduct a thorough SWOT analysis to determine and quantify its potential to capture national market demand. This process included internal market research, vertical market prioritization, customer segmentation and competitive analysis. The outputs of Synergy’s strategic research and planning include a clearly defined marketing objective, target audience profile and competitive value proposition. The next step in Synergy’s process resulted in the creation of  a new brand image, launch of a new website, kickoff of a digital marketing and lead generation marketing program and a sales team armed with compelling new marketing materials.

Within 120 days, Synergy transformed Onsite’s image, helped establish credibility in the industry, raised awareness in the national marketplace and generated qualified in-bound sales leads.

Since 2002, Synergy has been known as one of the industry’s top healthcare marketing companies. This includes extensive experience marketing wellness programs, lifestyle management programs and employee incentive programs. We also specialize in marketing healthcare and medical software.

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