NoInk Software Partners with Synergy Marketing to Expand Awareness + Drive Demand

Before NoInk Communications was aquired by EveryPath, the company partnered with Synergy Marketing Group to improve credibility, educate buyers, increase awareness in the healthcare and medical device industries and drive demand for its sales software.


Synergy’s Approach to Software Marketing + PR

Synergy leveraged its experience in the healthcare and technology sectors to refine NoInk’s brand position to better resonate with medical device manufacturers and large hospital networks.  The agency also developed a marketing and PR plan to establish credibility and increase awareness in both the healthcare and technology industries. This included updating NoInk’s website, creating sales and marketing materials, conducting e-mail marketing campaigns, facilitating user groups, authoring white papers, collaborating with customers to develop case studies, supporting trade shows and sales initiatives and implementing aggressive PR/media relations campaigns. NoInk’s promotional investment paid off. As a result of the high profile exposure and customer endorsements, one of the company’s largest competitors took interest and eventually purchased NoInk in a landmark deal.

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