U.S. Army Base Selects Synergy Marketing for Media Training Before Major Announcement

Newport Chemical Depot, a U.S. Army base, contracted with Synergy Marketing Group to provide media training for a group of senior officials. The agency was hired to help army personnel and prime contractors prepare and respond to media inquiries about the impending closure of the military installation. Synergy provided training sessions and staged “mock” media interviews to help the base spokespeople practice delivering the approved key messages.

Synergy’s PR Approach for the Military Base

Synergy collaborated with the base’s military officials to identify potential media “hot button” issues. These ranged from environmental and safety concerns and local unemployment levels to ownership of the military base’s land and plans for property reuse. Synergy then drafted anticipated media questions as well as recommended responses. Once all of the messaging was developed and approved, Synergy facilitated a full-day media training session. Each spokesperson had the opportunity to practice delivering the key messages in on-camera “mock” interview settings and replay the footage multiple times. The intensive training program included feedback on word choice, grammar, facial expression, eye contact, energy level, dress, grooming and body language. The agency also provided participants with a tutorial on techniques and etiquette for conducting successful media interviews. At the end of a long, yet productive day, all of the participants performed well, felt confident and were prepared for the upcoming announcement and media interactions.

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