INDUSTRY: Life Science

SECTOR: Clinical Laboratory

MARKETS: Healthcare

HEADQUARTERS: Indianapolis



-Industry Awareness
-National Expansion
-Market Diversification
-Product Launches

MiraVista Diagnostics Laboratory Selects Synergy Marketing to Increase Exposure + Awareness Nationally

MiraVista Diagnostics Laboratory partners with Synergy Marketing Group to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and lead generation program to create a brand platform strong enough to support multiple service lines, expand awareness among buyers, improve credibility in the industry and drive sales leads from target market sectors.

MiraVista Diagnostics is a national mycology reference laboratory headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in diagnostic assays for serious fungal infections.

The Agency’s Approach to Laboratory Marketing

To initiate the engagement with MiraVista Diagnostics Laboratory, Synergy conducted an in-depth strategic marketing planning and benchmarking process. This included a brand audit, buyer evaluation, business analysis, market opportunity assessment and competitive analysis.  The outputs included an evolved brand position and brand image, refined service segmentation, detailed buyer profiles and re-prioritization of target audience groups. In addition, Synergy developed a comprehensive marketing and lead generation plan that includes:

  • Brand design + brand management
  • Web design + website management
  • New sales and marketing material
  • Branded building signage
  • Trade show booth design
  • Branded promotional gear
  • Educational documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Event promotions
  • Sales support
  • PR/media relations
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Reputation management
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Advertising
  • eMail marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Digital marketing

Synergy’s marketing efforts resulted in a high value brand, industry-wide awareness, market demand for services, quality job candidates and a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

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