Midwest Hemostasis & Thrombosis Laboratories Partners with Synergy Marketing to Increase Awareness + Capture Market Demand

Before Midwest Coag (Midwest Hemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratories) was acquired by Pathologists Associated, the lab partnered with Synergy Marketing Group to redesign its brand image, strengthen credibility in the industry, raise awareness in the medical community and increase attendance at its annual CME and PACE medical conferences and symposium.

Midwest Coag is a diagnostic laboratory specializing in bleeding and clotting disorders – headquartered in Muncie, Indiana.

Synergy’s Approach to Laboratory Marketing + Medical Event Marketing

Synergy leveraged its combined experience in medical marketing and higher education marketing to develop a strategic marketing plan to reach physicians, diagnostic equipment manufacturers and hospital laboratory directors and technicians nationwide. The agency re-branded the laboratory to position it as a scientific and educational leader in the areas of hemostasis and thrombosis, developed a new website designed to educate and generate qualified sales leads for laboratory services and create interest in the lab’s annual PACE and CME medical education programs, supported the lab’s sales team with training, presentations and updated materials, conducted local and national trade PR/media relations, conducted e-mail and direct mail marketing to drive sales and event attendance and launched advertising campaigns to promote the events.

Marketing Services

  • Brand design + brand management
  • Web design + website management
  • Marketing material design
  • Sales presentation design
  • Sales support + sales training
  • Customer support assistance
  • Employee communications
  • Product packaging design
  • Product documentation design
  • Educational material design
  • Medical event marketing
  • Trade show and conference promotions
  • White paper development
  • Case study development
  • PR/media relations
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • eMail marketing
  • Direct mail marketing

Synergy’s marketing efforts resulted in increased sales of laboratory services, higher attendance at the lab’s annual medical conferences and symposium, expanded awareness in the medical community and stronger credibility in the industry.

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