Ke Labs Software Selects Synergy Marketing to Design Brand + Support Its Launch

Ke Labs chose Synergy Marketing Group to support its launch and design a brand bold enough to define an emerging industry category, differentiate its futuristic technology and generate a buzz in the national marketplace. The result is a brand as sophisticated as Ke Labs’ software.

The Agency’s Approach to Software Marketing

As part of Synergy’s brand design process, the agency facilitated several creative brainstorming sessions with Ke Labs’ executives to help the leadership team clearly define the applications and benefits of the company’s ground-breaking software.  Through this approach, Ke Labs’ officers were able to describe their technology from a user’s perspective – making it infinitely more understandable and marketable. Within 90-days, from start to finish, Synergy completed a creative strategy initiative, designed a new brand identity that appeals to Ke Labs’ wide-reaching target audience base, launched a website, and armed Ke Labs’ with compelling new sales and marketing material for upcoming trade shows and direct mail campaigns. Synergy’s efforts transformed the start-up software company’s image from technical to approachable, established credibility and helped Ke Labs reach the national marketplace and connect with buyers.

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