ImmuneWorks Hires Synergy Marketing to Promote National Clinical Trials

ImmuneWorks partnered with Synergy Marketing Group to update its brand image, establish credibility in the medical community and raise awareness among target patient populations to drive enrollment in its clinical trails.

Founded by a team of accomplished researchers, ImmuneWorks was formed in 2006 to develop and commercialize new medical treatments for serious autoimmune diseases of the lung. After a breakthrough scientific discovery, the biotechnology company earned FDA approval to start clinical trials on its new orphan drug and received financial backing from a large pharmaceutical company.

The Clinical Trial Marketing Firm’s Approach to National Patient Recruitment

Synergy updated ImmuneWorks’ brand image and message to reflect the biotechnology firm’s impressive scientific accomplishments and potential to save lives. The clinical trials marketing agency’s work included a new geo-targeted SEO website designed to promote national drug research studies and recruit patients in a dozen cities; PR and media relations in all clinical trial site markets; extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and link building, e-mail marketing, social media, blogging and digital marketing to raise awareness among web-savvy patients, treating physicians and friends and family. The marketing efforts resulted in a successful Phase I clinical trial.

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