Top 5 Ways to Position Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader Through Blogging

Synergy develops and manages blogging and content marketing campaigns that strategically position you as a thought leader in your field. Our experienced B2B writers work with your executives to produce messaging about a variety of relevant business, technical and industry topics. Then, we build-out full campaigns that include blog posts, social media posts, website landing pages, email blasts and sales promotions. Content marketing is an effective way to attract, engage and establish credibility with target buyers throughout the sales process.

Top 5 Ways to Re-Use Existing Material for Content Marketing + Blogging

Your organization probably has a plethora of existing material that can be re-used for content marketing and blogging. Most likely, every department produces copy that we can re-purpose to support your lead generation and lead nurture initiatives. We’ll help you identify, extend the shelf life and increase the value of all of the content assets your company has or regularly produces.

Here are the top 5 places we typically find informative, compelling and valuable material to jump start content marketing and blogging programs:

  1. Press releases and award applications
  2. Powerpoint presentations
  3. White papers and case studies
  4. Product spec sheets
  5. Sales material and brochures

Add Blogging + Content Marketing to Your Marketing Mix

Don’t worry if your executives don’t have time to write blog posts (or anything else) – that’s our job. Our expert B2B writers will do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to blogging and content marketing. Plus, we’ll give your team as much editorial control as they want. To make it easy on you, we will:

•    Research industry trends to recommend an annual editorial calendar of relevant topics
•    Write and edit all content including blog posts, social media posts, web copy + email blast copy
•    Optimize your content for search engines based on target SEO keywords
•    Publish + promote your content on your blog site, web site and social media pages

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