9 Ways Your Website Can Pay You Back

Branded Campaign MicrositesIf you’ve been thinking about updating, re-designing or refreshing your business’ website, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons AND you can cost-justify the investment necessary to generate noticeable bottom line results. If designed right, your website can (and should) be a valuable corporate asset and competitive differentiator. It should also be an active sales catalyst, not a static digital brochure. Synergy Marketing Group has over 10 years of experience designing and managing websites that perform. If you’re serious about updating your website to generate measurable results, contact us today!

 Transform Your Website into a Profitable Contributor to Your Business

If your website isn’t an accurate reflection of your business TODAY, it’s time to invest in a website update. If your website doesn’t stack up to the competition, it’s time to invest in a website re-design. If your website doesn’t appeal to your target buyers or meet current standards for responsive screen size, it’s time to invest in a website refresh. Synergy Marketing Group helps our clients leverage their website investments to drive measurable bottom line results. We provide the market research, strategic approach and technical acuity to design and manage websites that perform today and continue to evolve in response to market dynamics.

Nine ways to profit from an investment in a new website:

  1. Reach more targeted buyers by improving search engine rankings with best practices in SEO
  2. Capture more market demand promoting your entire array of products and services
  3. Appeal to more buyers by optimizing your website for a wide range of screen sizes (desktop, iPad and iPhone)
  4. Improve lead quality and conversion with urgent calls-to-action, sales forms and unique response phone numbers
  5. Grow your sales pipeline database by promoting surveys, contests and give-aways on your website
  6. Outperform the competition by marketing your company’s unique features, differentiators and promotional incentives
  7. Control your brand image and reputation by publishing positive and accurate information about your company
  8. Monitor valuable marketplace intelligence by leveraging powerful data analytics tools
  9. Maximize your marketing resources by integrating your website with your social media, blogging, email marketing, digital advertising, CRM + data analytics systems

If you want your website to generate tangible business results, contact us today! Use the form on this page to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of Synergy’s executive marketing consultants.

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