Healthcare Marketing Investment Pays Off

Synergy Marketing Group has served as the outsourced marketing department for the Center for Pain Management since 2007. Through the years, we have worked closely together to continually refine the medical practice's comprehensive marketing program to include a strategic mix of traditional and digital marketing activities. The results of this highly successful healthcare marketing case study are irrefutable.

Healthcare Marketing Program Results

Check out the results of a comprehensive healthcare marketing program that includes: brand management, advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing, email marketing, blogging, reputation management, physician relations and patient relations. Synergy has served as the outsourced marketing department for the Center for Pain Management since 2007. Through our partnership we provide full service strategic and creative marketing support to help this large physician practice maximize its marketing investment, capture growing market demand, monitor & manage its reputation and protect its market share. If you want to grow your healthcare practice, talk to us! We’d love to help facilitate your success.

Return On the Marketing Investment

Since Synergy began its partnership with the Center in 2007, the medical practice’s marketing investment has continued to yield results:

  • Over 100 new patient visits each month
  • Increased physician referrals
  • Expansion into several new geographic markets
  • Growing clinical team that includes board certified physicians
  • Introduction of many new medical procedures
  • Strong reputation in the communities the Center serves
  • High awareness in the marketplace

Invest in Marketing That Performs + Drives Bottom Line Results

The Center’s marketing results are a reflection of a strong client-agency partnership, significant investment in brand building, consistent strategic marketing, vigilant reputation management, relationship-building with referring physicians, serious focus on the patient experience and commitment to organizational continuous improvement.


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