The Innovators: Web Designers

Our innovative team of UX + Web Designers leverage a balance of natural creativity, Zen-like intuition and refined technical skills to develop beautiful digital and interactive marketing assets that deliver an optimal user experience and perform with precision. They specialize in experiential web design, social media design, e-marketing campaign design and digital ad design.

Web Design | Social Media Design | e-Marketing Design | Digital Ad Design

Synergy’s UX and web designers develop the graphical components and interactive functionality that bring brands to life and transform the effectiveness of websites, social media, email marketing, digital advertising and promotions, and lead generation programs. Our digital design team has extensive experience across a wide array of industries including restaurant and retail; consumer product goods; higher education; technology and software; life science; healthcare; manufacturing; government; security; and professional services (such as law firms, accounting firms, insurance, wealth management and consulting).

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