Marketing Projects

Hire Synergy Marketing Group for marketing projects when you need specific marketing deliverables completed expertly, quickly and on-budget. We offer a wide range of defined marketing projects to support a variety of business needs. In addition to beautiful creative work, we also offer strategic outputs such as brand strategy, company positioning + message development. In addition, we source + manage 3rd party vendors associated with project deliverables (photographers, printers, signage companies, etc.).

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Synergy for Marketing Projects


  1. Create consistently branded sales, marketing + technical material
  2. Refresh the corporate brand image + position to be more competitive
  3. Launch new products + services
  4. Prepare for major tradeshows + events
  5. Design professional presentations
  6. Jump start marketing + advertising programs
  7. Promote mergers, acquisitions, new ownership or new leadership
  8. Support market expansion efforts
  9. Improve online presence + reputation
  10. Extend the brand across facilities, vehicles + employees
Brand Design Projects

We design bold, professional and memorable brand images that differentiate companies/products, appeal to buyers, elevate industry standards and leave a lasting positive impression.

  • Company Naming
  • Mission + Position Statements
  • Corporate Identity System Design
  • Logo + Tagline Design
  • Product + Service Branding
  • Photography + Iconography
Promotional Design Projects

We design professional promotional materials that showcase brands, educate and appeal to buyers, differentiate from competitors and create a positive experience.

  • Signage + Vehicle Wraps
  • Advertising
  • Tradeshow Booth Displays
  • Sales + Marketing Material
  • Direct Marketing
  • Logo Wear + Logo Gear
Digital Marketing Projects
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Pages
  • e-Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Listings
  • Digital Advertising
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