Contract CMO

Retain a Synergy Marketing Group executive as the contract CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for your organization. One of our officers will serve on your leadership team to provide part time, temporary, interim or long-term strategic marketing counsel and management. In this capacity, we can fill your top marketing executive position to provide strategic marketing planning, budgeting, analysis, department management and program administration. Additionally, as your contract CMO, we can provide marketing vendor management, serve as a company spokesperson and provide marketing counsel to your executive team and board.

Top 10 Reasons to Add a Contract CMO to Your Team

There are many business reasons to retain a contract CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) rather than permanently hire a senior marketing executive. Synergy offers a variety of options based on your organization’s marketing needs, timeline, budget and available resources. We offer contract CMO services on a part-time, temporary, interim or long-term basis.

As your Contract Chief Marketing Officer, Synergy can:

  1. Lead strategic marketing initiatives such as re-branding
  2. Develop + lead go-to-market plans for new product, service + market launches
  3. Spearhead marketing during company transitions: start up, merger or acquisition
  4. Assess the effectiveness of current marketing strategies, budgets + resources
  5. Put in place systematic marketing automation tools + programs
  6. Develop, train + manage internal marketing department resources
  7. Select + manage external marketing contractors and vendors
  8. Fill temporary gaps in marketing leadership due to illness, sabbatical, maternity leave, etc.
  9. Develop + oversee annual marketing communication programs
  10. Bridge sales, marketing + product development departments
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