Synergy Marketing Group, Inc. has been developing and implementing comprehensive strategic marketing programs for organizations of all sizes since 2002. We want to share some of our recent articles and white papers that offer insights, advice and tips based on our experiences and best practices in marketing.

We’re in the Business of Marketing Businesses

Synergy Marketing Group has been marketing businesses since 2002. We have developed best practices across the marketing spectrum and across a wide range of B2B market sectors. Our  leadership team frequently authors white papers on a variety of strategic marketing issues to share experiences, insights, advice and tips. Topics include brand identity, digital marketing, lead generation, reputation management, data analysis, and more. The common themes included in the articles are:

  • Brands should appeal to buyers + differentiate from competitors
  • Marketing initiatives should include goals + methods for measuring response
  • Marketing campaigns should include clear calls-to-action
  • Proactively manage + control brand image + reputation
  • Refine marketing strategies to improve performance + ROI
  • Continuously evolve the brand to stay relevant in the marketplace
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