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We’ve leveraged our 10 years of B2B marketing expertise to become one of the industry’s highest performing lead generation companies. We partner with our clients to help them differentiate their businesses, compete in the global marketplace, capture more market demand and sell at a premium. We do this through quantitative market intelligence, buyer profiling, ROI-driven strategies and highly accountable sales and marketing promotions that solidify new revenue opportunities.

Where Does a Lead Generation Company Fit In Your Organization?

As a lead generation company, we can support or supplement your sales team, resellers or referral agents. Our lead marketing and lead generation services will give your company visibility to more new revenue opportunities, generate more qualified inbound sales leads, help your company qualify for larger, higher margin sales opportunities, compress the sales cycle and improve your close rate.

In addition to driving sales leads, we become an extension of your team. We will learn your business and industry inside and out. This enables us to think like a sales person and put systems and tools in place that amplify your sales teams’ efforts. We’ll help your team profile prospects, develop market segmentation strategies, develop lead tracking and scoring systems, find and respond to RFPs, develop databases of target companies and buyers, develop sales presentations and proposals, broker alliances with potential resellers and referral sources, drive tradeshow booth traffic, cultivate warm leads, conduct lost opportunity surveys and generate a consistent flow of qualified in-bound sales leads.

If you want a strategic lead generation program that aligns with your revenue goals, please contact us. Use the form on this page to SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. We’re excited to learn about your business and we’re prepared to invest the time to get to know you! If you need immediate assistance with your lead generation strategy, you can reach Synergy Marketing Group’s CEO, Marc Zucker at 888-284-0555 or He’s a passionate entrepreneur just like you, so he’s always checking his messages and he’ll get back to you quickly.

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