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New Brand and Marketing Strategy Revitalizes Indianapolis Technology Company

Synergy Marketing Group has had the honor of serving Indianapolis-based n|Frame since 2003. Through the years we have helped this data center and technology power-house evolve and transition it brand strategy multiple times through mergers, acquisitions, leadership changes and impressive growth strategies. In January, we unveiled a new brand and marketing strategy for n|Frame to help introduce a new line of cutting-edge solutions: virtualization and cloud computing services.

The new tagline, “Above and Beyond” is a reflection of n|Frame’s commitment to customer service, technology excellence and investment in continuous improvement. To support this theme visually (and conjure images of cloud computing), we used breathtaking photography of mountain climbers on cloud-covered, snow-capped peaks. The new look (check it out at http://www.nframe.com/) is clean, modern and sophisticated to reflect n|Frame’s expertise in IT engineering. [Does your current brand reflect your company’s strengths and values? We offer complimentary brand assessments. Schedule one today!]

Not only does n|Frame’s new brand image look amazing, it is an integral part of the technology firm’s lead generation methodology. From colors and fonts to photography, we carefully selected each element of n|Frame’s new brand with its target audiences in mind: technology decision-makers and business leaders. [Are your marketing and lead generation strategies customized to appeal to your target prospects? We offer complimentary lead generation audits. Schedule one today!]

The new custom Web site is strategically developed to efficiently move prospects through the sales process. We included a variety of offers to entice visitors into engaging with n|Frame: white papers, case studies, free consultations, tours, etc. [Are you utilizing your Web site as a lead generation and lead conversion hub? We offer complimentary Web site assessments. Schedule one today!]

The Synergy team loved every minute of working on the n|Frame re-branding initiative and we’re proud of the end product! Stay tuned for the next chapter in this successful technology firm’s future – the sky’s the limit for n|Frame!

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