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Ke Labs Chose a Top Software Marketing Company to Create Its New Brand

Ke Labs chose Synergy, a top software marketing company with offices in Dallas, Indianapolis and St. Louis, to create a new brand platform strong enough to help the company define a new industry category, differentiate its futuristic technology and reach the national marketplace with a compelling message. The result is the creation of a new ...  More →

Onsite Selected One of the Top Healthcare Marketing Companies to Boost Business

Onsite Health Diagnostics selected Synergy, one of the industry’s top healthcare marketing companies with offices in Dallas, Indianapolis and St. Louis, to revitalize its nearly 15-year-old image, update its value proposition and pursue the national marketplace. The result is the creation of a new, more competitive brand and the launch of an Internet marketing and ...  More →

Hannon Partnered with One of the Top B2B Marketing Agencies to Expand Globally

Hannon Hydraulics partnered with Synergy, one of the industry’s top B2B marketing agencies with offices in Dallas, Indianapolis and St. Louis, to transform the 35-year-old brand, penetrate a new strategic vertical market and expand globally. The result is the creation and international launch of the new Hannon Offshore Drilling Equipment brand. The B2B Marketing Agency’s Approach ...  More →

Green Manufacturing Marketing Case Study

A contract manufacturer offering one of the industry’s only environmentally-friendly radio frequency (RF) plastics welding and heat sealing technologies wanted to aggressively expand its business in 2008 to reach global military supply manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers. To do so, it retained Synergy Marketing Group, a Green and eco-friendly manufacturing marketing and ...  More →

Beauty Spa Marketing + PR Firm Case Study

Rosenthal Clinics is a 20-year old beauty spa that offers a variety of high end skin treatments, permanent hair removal (electrolysis) and massage therapy. The owners retained Synergy Marketing Group, an experienced healthcare and beauty marketing and public relations (PR) firm/agency, to differentiate the clinic from franchise competitors, expand marketplace awareness, create demand among target ...  More →

Mobile Medical Device Software Marketing Case Study

Synergy Marketing Group was approached by an innovative developer of mobile sales force automation software for medical device sales reps selling to surgeons in hospitals and operating rooms. As a start-up targeting global medical device manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, the company needed help establishing credibility, increasing awareness, generating qualified sales leads and creating perceived valuation ...  More →

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