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Marketing White Papers

Synergy’s executives are frequently featured as expert authors in many business and industry media outlets. We invite you to access our most popular articles and white papers about relevant branding, marketing, social media, search engine optimization, web development and public relations topics. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss any of these articles or if you’d like usage rights.

Social Media is Part of the Marketing Mix

While social media is certainly a new marketing strategy, it is not unproven. Millions of consumers and professionals regularly frequent social media sites to make buying decisions – whether they are buying products or services, investigating companies, retaining vendor partners or hiring new employees. This sheer volume of eyeballs with commercial intent cannot be ignored. ...  More →

Public Relations Plays a Necessary Role in the Courtroom

While a fair trial in terms of “justice served” rests in the hands of judge and jury, the court of public opinion is an entirely different matter. And for some business leaders, the perception of their character or the viability of their organization may be as important in the long term as the final court ...  More →

The Importance of Building a Marketing Budget

Whenever I talk to business leaders about providing their companies with marketing services, I start the conversation by asking about their current marketing budget. Nine times out of 10 these executives tell me they don’t have a budget for marketing so they’re not sure what they can afford. Once we delve a little deeper, I ...  More →

Accelerate Your Marketing Efforts During the Recession to Multiply Your Results

While the rest of your industry is falling victim to bankruptcies, layoffs and cut-backs, you can step in to fill the market gap. If your company is financially solid and you have the fortitude to weather the economic storm, now is the perfect time to take advantage of paralyzed competitors. By accelerating your marketing efforts ...  More →

How Are You Going to Fill Your Sales Pipeline?

As a marketing consultant one resounding demand I keep hearing from Indiana CEOs is: “Help me fill my sales pipeline.” After an especially lean summer, executives are hungry for results today that will yield revenue for months and years to come. To capitalize on this opportunity, now is the time to put the sales and ...  More →

Electronic Marketing: A Cost-Efficient and Green Strategy for Building Business

If you’ve held off on printing brochures and sales sheets due to budget constraints or because your sales strategy is evolving so rapidly, you’re not alone. There’s an alternative to printed material that is smarter, faster, “greener” and cheaper: electronic marketing. Whether your business is in start-up mode, building demand or working toward an exit ...  More →

Your Website Could Be Your Best Salesperson

A Website that facilitates your company’s sales process can prove to be your hardest-working and most results-oriented sales person—and potentially the most cost-efficient. Studies show that more than 75% of B2B buyers begin their procurement search on the Web, while nearly 92% of consumers use the Internet to start their buying process. Based on these ...  More →

Reach a National or Global Audience by Dominating the Internet

The Internet is an ideal medium for quickly and affordably reaching a national or international target audience – and positioning your company as the dominant leader in your industry. Imagine how powerful it would be if every time your prospects search for the types of products or services your company offers, your business appears. For ...  More →

Make e-Mail Marketing + Blog Software Work for You, Not Against You

There are a lot of great interactive marketing tools available today — like blog and e-mail marketing software — that can help you quickly build market awareness, establish wide-spread credibility in your industry and solidify long-term customer loyalty. But it’s important to remember they are just tools. While these are fantastic products, make sure you ...  More →

PR & Marketing Finally Get a Seat at the Executive Table

A recent survey conducted by the Economic Research Institute (ERI) projects that marketing and public relations positions will experience two of the highest salary increases in the United States in the coming year. Historically viewed as “soft” business functions, PR and marketing professionals have diligently earned their place in the board room over the last ...  More →

The Strength of Your Company’s Brand Can Increase Your Business’ Valuation

If you are buying, selling or merging your business with another organization, make sure to calculate brand equity as part of the overarching business valuation process. Like capital and human assets, a business’ brand is a tangible investment that has market value and can be monetized. Most importantly, brand equity can influence the net valuation ...  More →

Don’t Do It If You Can’t Measure It

With today’s electronic marketing tools, the old adage that “half of marketing is wasted” is an outdated notion. There is no reason that every tactic in your marketing plan can’t be tracked, measured and evaluated for ROI (return on investment). In fact, I’d go as far as saying, “Don’t do it if you can’t measure ...  More →

Vacations Are Good for Business

Using vacation time (aka PTO) is a good business investment. Most executives don’t take time off work because they are too busy and too worried about the state of the business to step away. Ironically, when leaders do take much-needed vacation time, they come back with better perspective, more energy and new ideas. When top ...  More →